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Monday, February 14, 2011

Too Good to be True

A reprieve has been taken. House building is back in full swing. Praise the Lord for that! We have been fighting through so many things to get back on track. Paul's work has been having him work quite a bit of overtime...great money, lousy opportunities to be building. Church has been uber busy...definitely a good thing! And I've been a terrible wife...way too clingy these last few months! Yikes! I begged Paul probably 25 times to hire a builder to finish the rest, but my stubborn, hardworking, thrifty hubby would have none of it. And I'm glad! Well, now I am ;)

As much as I hate to talk about weather (I absolutely can't stand it! heehee), it has been playing an extremely important role in our

1) building opportunities
2) motivation

It's been snowing and icing like crazy and hillbillies that we were decided to build our house on an incline, with our driveway coming off another incline. So, there goes weeks of accomplishing absolutely nothing!

This pic is of my hubby doing soffit work on our bay.
Let's just say the angles were a BEAR! (which
now has Elliot worried that there are bears
in our woods.)

The good thing is our dear friends at Lewis Hill Sales ( our supply company, btw) gave us a fantastic deal on insulation. So we stocked up and made them go out to our land and unload it. We're so bad! hehehe:) It gave Paul the opportunity to do some inside work while the weather was bad outside. It took Paul roughly 3 weeks to finish all the insulation. He started with the exterior walls (using R-13 insulation). Then went to the ceilings (using R-30). Then he and my bro-in-law, Joel, did ALL the interior walls in one day (using R-11). I asked Paul what all the numbers meant and he said that the higher the number the denser the insulation and more weather/soundproof it is. Me being a complete doofus, asked him why we didn't use the highest insulation (R-30) for ALL the walls/ceilings. You know, so it will be ultra weather/soundproof! Right?? That's a lovely idea, he said, but kind of pointless seeing as it's kind of pointless. Oh, okay... :)

Other than the insulation, Paul has been doing odd and end stuff ~sweeping, framing fireplaces, hiring new plumbers (! a WHOLE other story), and finishing the soffit work on our window. We need to hurry and get the window done so we can start our siding. Hoping and praying that we can start doing that this Friday! Yippee!

Let me tell you a quick praise:) The Lord is good! But we have been pricing sheetrock from other companies because our supply company would have to special order it. Lowe's had the cheapest, but our total sheetrock bill would come to about $2500...*gulp*. We were hoping to spend only $2000. Sheetrock prices have been going up apparently. Well, my hubs decided to give our supply company a call (Lewis Hill Sales, btw) and see what it would cost to special order it. Lo and behold, they beat Lowe's prices by almost $2.00 a sheet!!! Oh my word!!! Our total bill would be only $1500!!! I don't know how they do it, but they do it! I'm soooo glad we called. It goes to show you, no matter WHAT you think in home building on your own, there will always be surprises and ALWAYS make that phone call. Seriously!

That concludes what has happened in the last three months! Not too much, but we are just gearing up for the last part:) Yay! There is an end in sight:) Oh, and by the way, our house looks much smaller with the interior walls closed in. Oh well.
Hope you are enjoying your life, because, friends, I am enjoying mine! It's not easy!!! But always worth it:)
On to build,

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