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Friday, November 12, 2010

Just a Bunch of Random Things...

As I'm sure all of you have noticed, I have taken a little reprieve from the blogging world. There are many reasons...the inlaw's two week visit, my lack of internet accesibility for the last week, and then the big one: just plain "slumpiness"! Yes, I made up that word to describe my feeling of, well...slumpiness. Both Paul and I have gone through a slump of not wanting to do ANYTHING that's related to our new home! No working on it, no talking about it, no picking things out. Not even my fave - online shopping! Now, that's bad:) I don't know why or what caused it. But either way that's how we felt.

Now that didn't mean we didn't get stuff done. In fact, we got a lot done. Mostly Paul did, but I was able to get some things accomplished. My only condition was that it had to be fun haha:) So, while my mil was here we went accessory shopping! It was sooo much fun. I honestly hadn't done hardly anything when it came to picking out the inside furniture/accessories of our home. We went to thrift stores, antique stores, Ikea. We really had the best time. But I definitely have to tell you about our Ikea trip. My mom, sister, mom in law and I all took an overnight trip to Cincinnati, OH so we could spend a day shopping at Ikea. It was a great plan and I'm sooo glad it worked out. My hubby "watched" the kids while he worked on the house so that we didn't have to take the chillins with us. It would have been torture for them AND us if they had come! So, Oct 29th and 30th found us in north country! We had the BEST fellowship and fun! We stayed in a great hotel near the store and we got right in and checked in. We knew Ikea closed soon, but we decided to go and have a quick look through so we could get our bearings and be right on our way the next day. We spent about 30 minutes there and then came back to the hotel. We stayed up and played a game of Scrabble! About 11:00 we decided to go to bed. Wellllll...as I'm sure most of you know my dear sissy is preggo and she has a hard time sleeping. That night was about to get pretty bad for her! hahahaha. Sorry, I just have to laugh. It's one of those things that hindsight makes hilarious! (don't tell her, but I laughed quietly as soon as she told us what had happened!!) Anyways, I'm sure ALL of you know of a midget wrestling team called The Half Pint Brawlers. Right? Not! I'd absolutely never heard of them, but apparently they think they're something because they were in the room right next to us having the best time doing whatever midget wrestlers do ALL NIGHT LONG! My sister called front desk numerous times to complain and finally went to the front to ask for some peace and quiet. I won't go into detail about what happened (!) but the hotel was kind enough to give us that night's stay free of charge and to apologize about the wrestling team's behavior. I saw one of the wrestlers the next morning and he looked pretty out of it! It was pretty interesting to say the least. Google them and see what you see:) Kind of weird!
Anyhow, we went shopping the whole next day and had the best time! I was able to find my kitchen sink, my bathroom sink (shown here), the boys's bed (shown) which we will be putting a mattress on bottom also, a massive closet organizer for the boys, rugs, most of my lighting and a bunch of accessories. The receipt was quite long! Thank you, Lord, for helping us fit all that stuff in our car. I was so worried it wouldn't fit. In fact, there were things I couldn't get because of room, but Paul and I will be going back to get our cabinets and other things. I'm looking forward to that.

While we were having a blast shopping, the men were back at home working hard. Paul's dad and he both put up the soffit by themselves and that honestly took almost three days. They stained the front door, framed in the fireplace and bought the vinyl siding (that's another story for another day). All this while they watched the kids (that's another story I won't tell! heehee) Let's just say, Praise God for keeping ALL of them safe:)

As you can see I have been focusing mostly on fun stuff. We found some great bargains (a mudroom storage bench 75% off (thanks, Kay for finding this!!), an antique armoire that will fit perfectly in our bathroom, a cool antique steamer trunk with drawers and original papering($25) and several other things). I also was introduced to a fantastic website that I can't wait to show you. It's called http://www.knock-offwood.com/ and it has some amazing woodworking plans that pretty much anybody can do. I can't wait to try my hand at some of them! That's why Paul bought new tools, right? :)

Here are a couple of pictures that have absolutely nothing to do with this blog :) The first one is the master bathtub trim kit! Can't wait to try this baby out! And then, I just HAVE to show off my son's amazing skills:) :) He wrote his first word. "Mom". Can you see it? It's down at the bottom in red. So what if he took two years to say it, it only took him 3 1/2 to write it!:) And I do love being a mom!

Well, hope you enjoyed! I've missed blogging. We are taking one more week off for the holidays but returning the week after Thanksgiving to put on the vinyl siding. Let's hope all goes smoothly!

Have a fantastic holiday everyone! I know I personally have so much to be thankful for, including you, my readers! :)

On to build,


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