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Friday, March 11, 2011

Color Away!

There it is, folks! My hubster is putting up the first part of the vinyl...the whatchamacallit! Yeah, I know, I can't remember what it's called. *sigh* But! I do know it's what our lovely vinyl siding will sit on so he can start the process:) I seriously had been STRESSING over the color of our vinyl. I wanted a barn red color with white trim and gray accents. Instead of going with a more expensive vinyl that was the exact color I wanted ( about $2000 more) we decided to go with a less expensive version called "Lighthouse Red". The sample was perfecto, but Oh Boy, when we got the actual vinyl in...well, let's just say I was freaking out. To put it mildly. Haha. I know, man am I carnal to care that much about what color our house is. Well, after my first (and only!) freakout session, my dear, calm hubby told me that we were going to put it up no matter what color it was and that I better get over it! Well, that worked! We had had to special order it and because of that, there was no turning back. I just prayed it would look beautiful on our house. And as you will see from our pictures, it is more gorgeous than I even imagined! It looks so stunning surrounded by woods:) Thank you, Jesus, for caring for me in the most menial, unnecesary things! Well, now for the process!

Here is the first piece. The coloring is off (it looks kind of purple here) because of the overcast skies so don't let that "cloud" your judgment. Hehehe, I am so punny. The good thing about vinyl is that it goes on super fast, if you know what you're doing. Paul is so smart that he knows everything really about building, so this was not a problem for him.
Here's a rundown of the type of vinyl we got. We chose Crane Exterior Portfolio siding. Great prices and a lot of choices. We did not get insulated siding. It would have been an awesome thing, but we honestly didn't have a budget for it, so we have to rely on our housewrap, which does a pretty decent job. We got the Dutch Lap style of siding. This gives it a wood texture as well as a decorative edge. It's supposed to not make the vinyl wavy. So, it's a good thing:) The color choice we went with is a Lighthouse Red. If for any reason you want to go to Crane's website you can follow their links and design your own exterior of a home. It was pretty neat! I had fun doing it! Haha

Here's the first piece going up. Lots of measuring invloved and cutting with special scissors. See how far the first piece is already from the ground? Yeah, that's not so great. The second piece in Paul was already on the ladders. I really don't know when he gets 20 feet up what he's going to do, but we shall see. I'll be there to catch him if he falls!

The bay is done! Isn't it amazing? I LOVE the white trim and soffit! This was very hard to do, sliding in 3 1/2" pieces of vinyl between the windows and trim. All that cutting! But Paul did a very good job. His goal that day was to get the vinyl done over there on the right hand side of the door. Do you see that gray little thing on the side of the house? That is the connector thingy for the electricians to run their wiring from the electrical pole to the house. They need vinyl siding up and insulation inside to run the wiring. As soon as they run the wiring then we have electricity to our home! Paul was not able to get it done that day, but I believe it was the next day (the 2nd or 3rd of March) that Nick Lundy came over and they were able to get it done.

Here's the picture! We haven't done any more because the weather has been terrible! So Paul has been hanging sheetrock. I think it will be fabulous once it's all done. I can't wait to landscape and get some sod down on the ground so it doesn't look so terrible outside! But this is it folks:) Let me know what you think of the color!
I'll be posting some more in the next couple of days, because there has been A LOT going on. We only have a few more months till we're supposed to be done, but more than that amount of work. Paul is contemplating staying out at the house until the sheetrock is done. I mean, people, living out there! But right now, we are at whatever it takes. :) And as long as I keep the big picture in mind, I'm okay!
Thanks to those who are praying and following:) Keep praying and keep following!
On to build,