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Monday, July 26, 2010

The Grounds...pt. 2

Sooooo, here's the second part of our preliminaries!

Well, I left off with picking out our sub contractors. That was actually a fun experience. Now that we had our materials list and quotes from subs we were armed and ready to meet with our banker lady, Katherine. She is totally the sweetest lady and has been great with answering our numerous phone calls and staying late so that my hard working hubby can come with me to talk to her. ( I do not like to do stuff like that by myself...who does?) So, Wednesday, June 30th was the fateful day...the day we signed our life away to the Bank of Cadiz...and all to own our own home! Is it worth it?? OH YEAH! :) Honestly, I couldn't stop smiling while we were signing the papers! My hubby, on the other hand, couldn't stop groaning. :)

Well, with the loan under our belt, we were ready to begin the building process. The first step?
Calling Mack Brame. Remember? He's our Septic Man. Before we could do anything he had to get the septic permit from Health Department. This allowed us to get the water meter. The water meter is the main valve that runs from the main water line to our own personal water line? Lost? Yeah, me too:) Simply put: the water meter is the tracker that counts how many gallons of water we use, therefore we now have a water bill! Exciting! haha. It took about two weeks for the meter to be set.

the water meter

Secondly, (and this was all happening around the same time) we had to get the city electrician, Tim Tucker, out to tell us where to put our temporary electric pole. The pole is exactly what it sounds like: it's a temporary pole that has a whole bunch of plugs and electrical outlets and stuff for all the contractors/builders who need to charge their tool batteries. When we are done building it will be taken off. When he found the perfect spot for it (in front of our lot), he staked it and we called our electrican, Mike Fort, and he came out and put up the pole. So that was the first obvious sign that something was done on our land. I'm telling you, I almost kissed it!! Here's the picture of it.
temporary electric pole

The next thing was to get our electric poles on our land, so that we can actually have electricity. There were a few setbacks but they everything worked out! Praise the Lord. All in all there were six poles set on our land. Three in front and then three leading back to our lot.
electric pole (1 of 6; this is on the front of our property)

Once the electric was in we called Gibson Plumbing and Mr. Gibson came out the next day (which was this past Saturday) and dug our water line and put in the line...and at the end of the line, he put a spigot! With flowing water:) I took a video to remember that moment! Paul wouldn't let me run the water too long...you know, with our new utility bill and all :) But it was pretty cool. :) here are those pictures.

water line (and yes, it has been officially approved!)
(sorry I have two pics of our spigot:))

Well, that is the happenings of the time! We are having a great block layer come in from Knoxville and he is supposed to breaking ground a week from today. It may vary a day or two what with trying to survey the exact location and stuff. But a week, people, and we are digging the dirt! Yeah! Be prepared for lots of home ramblings:)

Have a great night tonight...
On to build,

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