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Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Grounds...:)

First of all...we needed the construction loan:) Yeah, unfortunately we have to have money for this project! And here's proof! Doesn't Paul look so happy...hehe
Well, this may look easy and simple, but there were probably 200-300 man hours of work that we put in before we could actually sign the loan. I'll give you a rundown:
First of all, we needed to get a material's list. That sounds simple enough...NOT!!! This involved TONS of searching the internet at the beginning, because frankly, I didn't even know what a material's list meant. I thought it meant, you know like how many toilets you wanted and what kind of light fixtures would be used. Searching for that kind of stuff was fun...I mean, I found the coolest pendants from IKEA! But no, a material's list is everything from floor joists, to termite protection, to sheetrock nails, to subflooring, to studs, to shingles...EVERYTHING! And I am SOO glad Paul was there to help. I really tried while he was working to shoulder this responsibility. But I couldn't do everything. Hubby finally got frustrated enough with my efforts to tackle the job:)

A material's list is simply two steps:
First get what you need to build the house and get all the prices of those things.
Then get the quotes from subcontractors.
That will give you a cost estimate of what you will need to build your home. Keep in mind that this is an ESTIMATE!!! There will be a whole lot of added fees, but that is for later.
Here are two great sites that helped me realize all the things that go into building:
I did call Lowe's and they were zero help:
Me: "I'd like to see if you could compile a material's list for me. I had heard that you do that for those who are building a home."
Them: "We don't do that anymore...it just got too difficult. But you are more than welcome to compile one for yourself. All you have to do is write down everything you need times the amount you need and multiply that by the price and there! You have your list!"
Haha, that's pretty funny, Lowe's peeps! "No, thank you" in my kindest voice possible :) So, I went to two local lumber companies and they were happy to oblige my request...go locals! With two material lists in hand I was now ready to get quotes from subcontractors. I actually did all this work by myself! I called the Health Department to find out a good Septic guy; I called three contractors to see who they used for Plumbing and Electric; and I used references from those two lumber companies also. Long story short, I think I've found the best guys in the business!! Here they are:
Gibson Plumbing
Mack Brame Septic
King and Hester HVAC
Means and Fort Electric
(my amazing, wonderful, marvelous hubby will be doing nearly everything else!)
Top of the line and actually the least expensive quotes than the other folks I called.
After making several (and I mean several) phone calls to ensure everything was covered in the quotes I compiled the list and showed them to hubby...and he approved all my hard work! This took a week and a half, btw! They were all so sweet and nice to this girl who had no clue what a 14 SEER was (which has something to do with a better HVAC system, I think), and who barely knew what recessed lighting was. But, now I do! hehe And btw, did you know that your electrician will put in up to 20 recessed lights for free with the package... I thought that was kind of cool, though we'll be having more than 20. And you have to get the package. Obviously they are not just gonna come to your house to and put in 20 recessed lights for free! lol. But anyways, if you end up building your own home, this if for you! :)
Well, that's the first part of like three parts! I better stop before I make this too long. :) I will keep posting pictures, if I can find a way to post more than one picture at a time. Ha, this blog is good at stumping me:)
Have a good night, y'all...see you tomorrow!
On to build,

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